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Things To Remember Before Traveling To Winter Spiti

Winter Spiti
  1. Many Traveler love to explore places in different season, to which I also though of going to Spiti in Winter.

I went with the flow and Unplanned i have jotted down following points, which I think will be Usefull for you, when you plan to visit Spiti.

1. You need to be physically fit and have the courage to visit extreme cold temperature.

2. Remember to cover yourself with four layerd of clothing, first is thermal,tshirt, full sleeve tshirt, down jacket.

3. Protect your eyes with uv glasses and your hands with two layered woolen cloves

4. Do remember to carry Energy bar and dry fruits akrod, pista, badam, khajur best food to intake with lots of energy.

5. If you are not so frequent to high altitude try to carry medicines like the dimox 250 mg ( high altitude sickness) , parasitamole ( body pain n fever) – Consult with your doctor.

6. In take warm water has much as possible n carry a thermas if possible mix ORS with It.

7. Cover your foot with two layers of woollen socks n angle length shoes trekking one.

8. Don’t rush to come on high altitude at once come instead by step by step. Like coming to reckong peo and Stay for two day , tabo one day , kaza two day and then you can head further. Manage accordingly.

9. Keep your mobile phones and cameras close to your body at night because in low temperature the battery drains immediately.

10. Make sure you don’t have any medical condition before heading to the trip similar like asthma or any other sickness which will cause you major damage on the trip, better concert your doctor

11. Please carry a BSNL sim card by which you can talk to your loved and staying connect for emergency.

12. Many Home Stay and Hotels are closed in Winter, So Make sure to Book your Stay and confirm with them if they are Open.

13. When temperature is -20 only dry toilet is available so be prepared for it, carry Tissues with you.

14. ‎Public Transport is available in winter only till kaza depends on climate if snowfall occurs then they stop the transportation for some time and resume once the Roads are clear.

15. Carry Vaseline and Sun screen to protect your face from direct Sunlight on high altitude.

This was my experience and tips after visiting spiti in winters, Feel free to Comment your queries or Suggestions.

I am one of you only.

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