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Complete Information to trek Lingya ghat waterfall from Pune and Mumbai

lingya ghat waterfall from mumbai pune

lingya ghat waterfall from mumbai pune

Lingya ghat waterfall trek information

Lingya ghat waterfall is on the way ahead of Lavasa city around 13.5 km, the name of this waterfall is based on the pinnacle seen there which is called Lingya. The pinnacle is been worshipped by the local people. The base village for Lingya ghat waterfall is Dhamanohol, Maharashtra.

How to reach Lingya Ghat waterfall by public transport from Pune

Direct buses are available from the Swargate bus stand in Pune, but the frequency to it is less. Try for an early morning bus by 5 to 6 am.

How to reach Lingya Ghat waterfall by public transport from Mumbai

Take a train to Pune station and from there you need to reach the Swargate bus stand and take a direct bus to Dhamanohol. But the frequency of buses is low.

How to reach Lingya Ghat waterfall by private transport from Pune

Head from Pune – Chandini Chowk – Pirangut – Lavasa city – Dhamanohol Village

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How to reach Lingya Ghat waterfall by private transport from Mumbai

Head from Mumbai – Lonavala – Wakad – Pirangut – Lavasa city – Dhamanohol Village

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Food & Accommodation at Lingya Ghat waterfall

Yes, you can avail it from the Base village from local people.

Water availability at Lingya Ghat Waterfall

Yes, you can have it from the flowing streams of Lingya ghat waterfall

Best time to visit Lingya Ghat Waterfall

After the first rainfall in June till September.

Rock Balance done by IG – Gautii009

Places & things to see at Lingya Ghat waterfall

Amazing view of three waterfalls and panoramic view of the valley. A pinnacle right in the middle of the route is one of the centers of attraction. Paddy fields while heading to the Lingya ghat waterfall.

Other nearby places to cover around Lingya Ghat Waterfall

First, you can visit Lavasa city which is amazing, Kurudgad Fort is ahead of the Waterfall ( you need to trek ), and Explore the backwater of the Mutha River.

Tips and Precautions to visit Lingya Ghat Waterfall

Please take a guide to visit Lingya Waterfall, Don’t throw any kind of waste or garbage it will ruin the beauty of this place, Go in small groups. Don’t climb on the pinnacle which is near the waterfall.

Personal feedback or experience.

We have visited Lingya Ghat Waterfall in 2019 from Mumbai and in 2022 from Pune, If you’re coming from Mumbai make sure you start your journey late in the night so that you reach the base village Dhamanohol get fresh, and head to the waterfall. 

On the route, you would need to pay entry of 200 for the Bike, 500 for a Car, and 1000 for the Bus to enter Lavasa city which is the only way to reach the base village by Vehicle.

The trek starts from the village going through padding fields of rice and across the temple you get to see Electrical poles you need to go in that direction only.

On a recent visit to the Lingya ghat, we saw the trail is pretty used and it’s easy to identify the route, but my recommendation would be to hire a guide from the base village.

The village guide does provide a guide at nominal charges, after the trail towards the waterfall you need to turn after the third electric pole, and after 15 to 20 minutes of way, you will witness the magical and mesmerizing Lingya Ghat Waterfall View. 

Please don’t ruin the place by overcrowding and throwing Garbage and waste on the route or near the waterfall.

The route is full of rocks and becomes slippery in Monsoons make sure you wear proper shoes, I would recommend you this Shoe.

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