Frequently Asked Question

Who can join?

Anyone who has an inclination and liking to travel can be a part of this travel. He/she has to be open minded and be a person who will respect others who are a part of the travel.

What is the procedure to join?

Once you have completely read the documentation, rules and regulations, you can fill the online form and make the necessary payment. We will confirm your booking from our side based on availability and compatibility of the group.

How will we travel?

The travel would be unplanned and general to keep the budget on a lower side and also to experience the joy of travellings to be open-minded and should not expect first-class travel.

How far will we travel?

We will travel enough that you are in a different state from where you started. The travel will definitely make you experience different cultures, languages, cuisines and types of people.

Where will we stay?

The travel will be low budget so stay would be general and not 3 or 5 stars.

Will there be an itinerary for the travel?

There will be no itinerary for the travel that will be shared with you. The organisers who have the expertise would decide on the way as to how the travel will progress and end. Only the dates and the budget would be shared with you.

Will the dates of travel be fixed?

The only things fixed about the entire travel program would be the date and time to leave and reach back. The budget would also be fixed before we start the travel.

What do I have to carry?

40 ltr Backpack, 2-litres water, snacks, an extra pair of clothes, Personal things (medicines, brush, towel etc), Id Proof, Torch, Sunglasses, Camera, Powerbank.

When do I have to pay?

You will have to pay 100% before the travel dates. Charges will differ based on the time that you book your seat i.e. if you book your seat closer to the travel dates, the charges will increase.

What will be included in the payment?

The train tickets, basic accommodation, local travel and fare & the travel expertise will be included. Anything other than mentioned things would not be included.

Will I be Safe?

Yes, you won’t be alone on the adventure, a group of travellers would accompany you.

Will we reach back to the origin on given time?

We will take care that we are back on the time mentioned before the start of the travel. But sometimes, the situations which are not under our control may delay the journey.

What are the types of social activities that we can do during our travel?

One of the motives behind this travel plan is to help someone in need, respect different cultures and nature. It need not be a planned event. It can be as small as feeding the poor or an animal during our travel, not littering during entire travel.etc

What is the maximum number of travellers? Who will all be travelling with me?

The maximum number of travellers for any trip would be not more than 15. We will try and involve like-minded travellers for which a proper screening of the travellers would be carried out before the travel. 

What will be the cancellation charges?

  • If the cancellation is 30 days prior to travel date, then 50% would be refunded.
  • If the cancellation is 15 days prior to travel date, then 30% would be refunded.
  • After that no refund will be provided.

The Refund would be given out on the total tour Amount and not on the advance you have paid to book your slot or Seat.

Can I transfer my booking?

No. The travel booking cannot be transferred.

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