Guide to Kalu Waterfall trek in Malshej Ghat From Mumbai and Pune

kalu waterfall trek

Kalu waterfall trek in Malshej ghat is one of the highest waterfall in this region, best place to visit in monsoon.

Complete Information to trek Lingya ghat waterfall from Pune and Mumbai

lingya ghat waterfall from mumbai pune

Lingya ghat waterfall trek information Lingya ghat waterfall is on the way ahead of Lavasa city around 13.5 km, the name of this waterfall is based on the pinnacle seen there which is called Lingya. The pinnacle is been worshipped by the local people. The base village for Lingya ghat waterfall is Dhamanohol, Maharashtra. How … Read more

Sandhan Valley Trek aka The Valley Of Shadows


Amazing Getaway to Sandhan Valley From Pune and Mumbai: Some of the most memorable travel experiences I’ve had on this planet are ones where I’ve felt like I was no longer on it. Sandhan valley is one of them to which I usually say The Valley of Shadow. Information about Sandhan Valley: Sandhan is an enchanting … Read more

Trek To Lohagad Fort In Budget


A Guide to trek Lohagad Fort From Mumbai and Pune. Lohagad Fort Information: Shivaji Maharaj captured Lohagad Fort in 1648 CE, but he was forced to surrender it to the Mughals in 1665 CE by the Treaty of Purandar. Shivaji recaptured the fort in 1670 CE and used it for keeping his treasury. Loha means Iron … Read more

Trek To Visapur Fort From Mumbai and Pune


How to Reach Visapur fort Base Village from Mumbai and Pune. Visapur Fort Information: Visapur Fort was built in 1713 -1720 CE, which was built much later than Lohagad Fort but the histories of the two forts are closely linked. Visapur Fort has a greater elevation compared to Lohagad which was cleverly used by the British … Read more