Instructions And Disclaimer


  1. If there is an unexpected change in the weather during the event, the organizer(Trekraw) has rights to withdraw/ retreat.
  1. Only Age group 18 and above can participate.
  1. The participant should fill proper relevant details with correct information in the disclaimer form after payment. Any medication or pertinent medical history should be mentioned in the disclaimer.
  1. Do not play loud music, tease animals or use offensive language during the event.
  1. Avoid deodorant or perfume.
  1. Alcohol consumption/ smoking tobacco/ weed is strictly prohibited. Will be expelled from the event if found consuming.
  1. Participants should coordinate,  be disciplined and align together as a team during the event.
  1. Though we assure safety as a top priority, Event Organizers are not responsible for any severe injuries or fatal events.
  1. Please do not expect luxurious facilities and appreciate being cooperative and be raw.
  1. Wear proper loose fitting clothes no jeans pants allowed. Try and wear full sleeve top and long bottoms or pants. Will spare you from mosquitoes, insect bites or thorny bushes (your choice).
  1. Talk to the native villagers gently and give respect to them since we are their guests.

12. Be Adjustable while Traveling not everything is in our hand.

  1. Please follow instructions given by trek leads and organizers. Do not debate with any organizer. All instructions are for the participant’s benefit.
  1. Let’s respect and admire nature together. Also be careful about all natural things.
  1. Trekraw & Upasana Society NGO doesn’t hold responsibilities of belongings of individuals. Do take care of all important things by yourself.


  1. I am aware that participating in adventure sports like travelling, trekking, climbing, and rappelling has some inherent risks of illness, injury or death. This may be a result of the negligence of others, myself, forces of nature or other agencies known or unknown. Rescue and medical services may not be able to reach me in time.
  1. I hereby fully assume all risks of illness, injury or death, and Trekraw, it’s owners, team, and volunteers from all actions, claims or demands from any damages resulting out of my participation in this sporting event. This obligation is binding upon me personally as well as on my heirs, executors, administrators, assigns and all members of my family.
  1. I hereby authorize any medical treatment deemed necessary in the event of any emergency, injury or mishap. I agree to bear all costs of rescue and/or medical services that may be incurred on my behalf.
  1. I recognize that as a community of travellers, Trekraw will operate under a covenant of good faith and fair dealing, but that it may be necessary to terminate any event or adventure excursion due to forces of nature, medical necessities or other reasons. I accept their right to take such actions for the safety of all participants including me.
  1. I understand that though precautions will be taken to provide a safe and enjoyable experience, there can be no guarantee of absolute safety against illness, injury and/or accident and that there are grave and unpredictable elements of risk in any adventure, sport or activity associated with the outdoors.
  1. I agree that any film or photographs of me as a participant becomes the property of Trekraw and may be used for promotional and commercial purposes.