Best Way To Book A Ticket For Historic Monuments In India

Best Way To Book A Ticket For Historic Monuments In India

Book Tickets to Historic Monuments Online.

Ever wondered why you need to stand in long queue to get a ticket at some famous historical Monuments that too in this Digital world. It Usual gets difficult when its a weekend, all family, friends come out to explore and spend their time at this monuments.

When I visited the Western group of temples in Khajuraho, I experienced the need for an online option to book a ticket to enter the monument premises. The rush gets more on weekends.

Great relief to book a ticket Online to enter The Taj Mahal.

The majority of tourist go to visit The Taj Mahal one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Its the major attraction in India. The local and people around like to visit the Taj Mahal on the weekends which creates a huge queue to grab a ticket to enter the premises. The Online Website which is made by the Government of India to book tickets is https://asi.payumoney.com  / Website

You can use it City wise and Book tickets to Famous historical Places around India straight from your Mobile Phone. It will be a useful website for the people who have less time and plan to visit the places on Weekends.

monument tickets online
monument tickets online

The Website enables you to book tickets for 26 Cities of more than 100 Monuments around India. The major Monuments which you would like to book are Taj Mahal, Ajanta Caves, Ellora Caves, Khajuraho Temples, etc.

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On the 18th April of every year, there stays a No Entry Fee Into Monuments on The Occasion Of World Heritage Day.

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