how i did hampi-badami-vijapur in a budget from mumbai

how i did hampi-badami-vijapur in a budget from mumbai

Location : Mumbai

I had never heard about Hampi before and it happened so that once as I was going through a whatsapp group chat and one of my friend just asked if anyone interested in visiting Hampi ? And I immediately looked up for it online. After seeing the stone-made chariot image and boulders in Hampi, I could not say no to this, without further discussion, we booked ourselves on a bus to this wonderful destination on December 1st.
We began our journey from Borivali – boarding point for our bus- to Hospet. The ticket cost us Rs.1100(A/C Volvo). We boarded the bus around 17:00 and reached by 07:20 next day. Once you reach Hospet, it takes about 2 mintues from the bus stop, where you will get a bus to Hampi in Rs.16.

 Location: Hampi

We had cup of tea at Hampi bus stop and gathered some basic information regarding the area.
so we decided to stay for one day on the other side of river and two days in Hampi. We boarded a ferry to go on to other side of the river & the ticket per person was fixed at Rs.30 after bargaining. Between 10-5 pm they charge Rs.10 per person and with backpack Rs.15. We had booking in Gouthami hotel at Rs. 700 for two persons ( for 3 people in a room they charge Rs.900). After checking in, we freshened up, grabbed some breakfast and headed towards sight seeing for which we rented 2 bikes for Rs.200 each and filled petrol worth Rs.90 for each bike.

 Sight Seeing:

We visited Durga and Laxmi temple where we had our lunch at no cost as there was some occasion going on. Form here, we hiked towards a point where you can see the city of ruins and to the right hand side you can check out a tunnel way.
Virupaksha temple in hampi
virupaksha temple
After this we saw Anjani Hill(Anjani is mother of lord Hanuman) & it was here that we experienced a mesmerizing sunset and just right above that , we saw the floating stone in the temple(see the image below)
Before we headed back to our hotel for the night, we had dinner at a placed named ‘Laughing Buddha’ , which offers a very relaxing ambiance and an awesome river side view that will wash away all your tiredness.

Day 2: Hampi

Next day, we boarded the ferry to get to the other side of the river. The ticket for the boat ride costed us Rs.20. Upon arrival, we took a stopover at Sagar Hotel (I strongly recommend) for breakfast of simple yet yummy delicacies comprising of idli, gundpangle with spicy chatni and potato bhaji. An ultimate taste-bud enticing experience at just Rs. 50 per person.

Stay in Hampi:

We had a pre booking at Netra guest house (Rs. 450per room for two person). But upon our arrival, we realized that there were no attached washrooms with the rooms. So we cancelled our booking and moved in search of rooms and landed at Pushpa guest house (you can look up for this guest house on Google or can contact me). They offered us room at Rs.750 after negotiations (originally the price was Rs.900), which was totally worth it as the place was comfortable & came with attached washroom. We dumped all our luggage in the room and got back to our adventure of exploring this region – Hampi.

 Sight seeing in Hampi:

The first thing we did as we stepped out of the hotel was to get a map & an information book so that we could be our own guide. You can cover all these places by walking – Virupaksha Temple, mustered Ganesh, Krishna Temple, Badavi Lingam, Ugranarashima. (refer images below)
I purchased some hippe type of clothing for myself which was a fair deal for me. Then we headed to Mango Tree restaurant located in Hampi bazaar & ordered 3 varieties of veggies, couple of chapatis with bucoffee pie (I strongly recommend) for desert which costed us Rs.150 approx. After this scrumptious meal, we decided to call it a day and headed back to the hotel for rest.

The next day:

we only kept our luggage at the guest house(as we had to stay only for one day), hired cycles and pedaled our way to explore the remaining monuments in Hampi. We saw Monothilic bull then kings balance, Matanga Hill (sunrise point), the Vittal Temple , with entry ticket costing only Rs.30, we also saw the chariot made up of stone and the tuning pillar.
stone chariot in vitthal temple
stone chariot in vitthal temple
After visiting the Vittal Temple, we boarded an electric car to reach the main road which is around 1 km far from the temple and it costed Rs.10 each. We had some refreshments like sugarcane juice (Rs.20), lemon soda (Rs.20), fruit dish (Rs.20). From here we rented a rickshaw for Rs.140 to reach the Queen bath, then we walked some distance to the Lotus Mahal, Royal Enclosure, Pushkarni, elephant stable, museum from archaeology dept, Sisters Stone.( Refer images below).
pushkarni in hampi
With this, we ended our trip in Hampi as we headed towards Hospet by bus ticket (Rs.13). From Hospet, we began our journey to the next destination I.e. was Badami, Pattadakal, Aihole, Allmatti dam, kudal sangam and Bijapur.
Bhootnath temple in Badami

After Spending 3 days in Hampi:

we wanted to cover up all the region around Hospet because we don’t visit long distance more often. Starting from Hospet we wanted to reach Badami, after enquiry at the bus stop we discovered that the bus going to Badami is only at 13:10 from Hospet, we planned to move From Hospet towards Illkal(one local said you get buses from Iilkal) by bus for 114 rs ticket.

temples in pattadkal
We wanted to go Badami but there were no options to go to Badami so we opted to stay at Iilkal only in ram Krishna hotel 850rs per room.Had some curd rice at Hotel Kamat for 80rs per person.
temples in pattadkal

Early morning 7 am:

we boarded a bus for Badami 114 rs ticket and reached Badami by 9 am. Hired a autorickshaw for 700 rs to show whole of Badami, Aihole, Pattadkal and dropped us at Aameenabad. Near Badami you can also check the Bhootnath temple which has a mesmerizing view at shown in the below pic.  Head towards the hill to a get a good view of the both side of Badami caves and the Bhootnath temple. At Badami caves your not allowed to carry your backpacks, you can keep near a restaurant for 5 rs.
From Badami caves we headed towards a temple near by to have free lunch The best part to travel in south is that you get free lunch in many temples(Rice is my favorite).
After refilling ourself we went to Aihole and Pattadakal is a UNESCO inscribed World Heritage site. Both of which are well known for Chalukya monuments. Aihole was the first place where they did their trail and error.
After aihole has we said him that you need to drop us at ameenabad because from there we would get a bus to kudalsangam, once we reach ameenabad it was time to say goodbye to our autorickshaw and paid him 700rs.

 Night Stay arrangement:

We planned our stay at Kudalsangam in Sangeshwara temple’s Dharam peet. As of no direct bus was available so we went to Hundgund from Ameenabad Rs.30 And for Hundgund to Kudalsangam Rs. 30 (any bus going towards Bijapur). You will reach a junction of Kudalsangam for where the temple is about 1.5 km away and the Dharam peet is like 15 mins walk away just ask any local person for dharam peet. A room at dharam peet was for Rs. 300(for both of us) it was a hostel type place where free dinner was provided which we had and went to our room and rested.

Good morning, we were fresh and ready to explore the remaining so we carried filter water which was available on prepaid basis for 2rs per litre in your own bottle at the hostel.

Reached the junction and had some idli dosa has a breakfast and now we were all set to move to Almatti Dam any bus towards bijapur goes their. once you reach almatti dam you can enter the rock garden and if you come in evening at almatti dam you can enjoy a night light show if fountains for 10rs(public bus are not available after 7 from almatti so we didn’t go).
From almatti dam we again headed to a temple which was on the way closer to the dam and from there we boarded a direct bus to bijapur and finally reached and straight we went to gol gombaaz.
After gol gombaaz we had a talked with some local asking them are there places which we can visit and we got places to visit but we didn’t had time to visit them because most of them get close by 6pm so bad luck. our bus was at 21:00 so we decided to have some dinner at a thali system hotel and we got a thali in 60rs with 3 chapatis, 2 bhaji, rice and dal. refer below image.
And atlast we boarded a bus by VRL Volvo A/C to mumbai from vijaypur and reached mumbai 07:00 with happy memories. If you have any query or you need any guidance please feel free to contact me I am a Budget traveler like you.

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