Lonar Lake From Mumbai And Pune In Budget

Mumbai to Lonar lake by public transport:

I started my journey from Dadar by boarding the Devagiri express 17057 at 21:10 to destination Jalna ticket was Rs. 140 in general compartment, thankfully i got a place to sit because Dadar is the source station of the train. I reached jalna by 05:30 from were the jalna bus stop is 10min walk far from the railway station.

general boggie of indian railway
general boggie of indian railway

Information of Lonar crater:

Lonar Sarovar was created by a meteor and is the only known hyper velocity Impact crater basaltic rock anywhere on earth. The impact took place around 55,000 years ago. Lonar Lake has a mean diameter of 1.2 kilometres (3,900 ft) and is about 137 metres (449 ft) below the crater rim. The meteor crater rim is about 1.8 kilometres (5,900 ft) in diameter.

Lonar lake near aurangabad
image from the point whole view

How to reach Lonar Lake from Pune:

The best way is to take an overnight bus to Jalna from Pune. Head to the bus stand which is 10 minutes walk away and from there board a bus to Sultanpur, here you will easily get sharing jeep to Lonar Village from where you can walk to Lonar Sarovar.

How to reach Lonar Lake from Mumbai:

1. Take an overnight Bus or Train to Jalna Station From Mumbai.

2. 10min walk to the bus stand. Auto rickshaw also available Rs. 20 per seat.
3. Board bus to Sultanpur (timing 06:30)(Frequency is 1hr).
4. Sultanpur to Lonar take trax/jeep Rs. 15 per person better ask before to seat.
5. Once you reach Lonar village the Lonar Sarovar is a 15min walk.

public transport towards jalna
fellow traveler in state bus transport
sultanpur to lonar jeep ride
jeep which i used to travel from Sultanpur to Lonar village

Places you need to see at Lonar Lake:

1. Gomokh temple.
2. Mystery water flow.
3. Dargaa while heading inside the lake.
4. Temples situated in the inner part of lake.

The mystery water flow at lonar
The mystery water flow

Tips to visit Lonar lake:

1. When you ask local people for direction ask where is Lonar Sarovar they know by Sarovar and not Lonar crater.
2. Full viewpoint of Lonar- from where you can click a complete picture of the lake its a green colour ladder on top of the lake opposite of Gomokh temple.

I was finished with Lonar and now I moved to Sultanpur from where I got a direct public bus to Aurangabad. Where Ajanta and Ellora caves were waiting for me.

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Too Sum up my whole trip to Aurangabad it goes as follow:

11th March 2017


Dadar to Jalna (Indian Railway) = Rs. 140
Jalna to Jalna bus stop (Sharing Auto) = Rs. 20 (I went walking)
Jalna bus stop to Sultanpur (State Bus transport) = Rs. 96.
Sultanpur to Lonar Village (Sharing Auto/Jeep/Trax) = Rs. 15.
Lonar Village to Sultanpur (Sharing Auto/Jeep/Trax) = Rs. 15.
Sultanpur to Aurangabad (State Bus transport) = Rs. 159.
Dinner at hostel canteen (Thanks to Kiran) = Rs. 50 (Unlimited food).
Stay in Yogesh hostel room (Thanks to Priyanka, kiran and Yogesh) = Free.
12th March 2017
Aurangabad to T Point (Sharing Auto) = Rs. 15.
T Point to Ajanta Caves (State Bus transport) = Rs. 121.
Ajanta entry point to Ajanta Caves Shuttle service (State Bus transport) = Rs. 16. (Rs. 22 for A/C)
Ajanta Caves Entry Fee = Rs. 30. (Rs. 500 for Foreigner)
Ajanta Caves to Ajanta entry point Shuttle service (State Bus transport) = Rs. 16. (Rs. 22 for A/C)
Ajanta Caves to Aurangabad central bus stop (Sharing car) = Rs. 130.
Aurangabad central bus stop to Daulatabad fort (Sharing jeep) = Rs. 20. ( you can also hire auto both ways for 300 to 500rs)
Daulatabad fort back to the central bus stop (Sharing jeep) = Rs. 20.
Dinner at Kiran’s home = Free.
Stay in Yogesh hostel room (Thanks to Priyanka, Kiran and Yogesh) = Free.
Aurangabad central bus stop to Ellora caves (Sharing jeep) = Rs. 40.
Ellora Caves Entry Fee = Rs. 30. (Rs. 500 for Foreigner)
Ellora caves to Aurangabad central bus stop = Rs. 40.
Visit to Pan Chakki and Bibi ka maqbara = Walking ( sharing auto available in 20 – 30rs)
Aurangabad to Dadar(Mumbai) (Indian Railway ) = Rs. 120.
railway tickets of aurangabad tour.
My ticket collection of Aurangabad TourIndian railway tickets

Total Expense of the whole tour to Aurangabad Dates 11th to 13th March 2017 was Rs.1200 approx.

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12 thoughts on “Lonar Lake From Mumbai And Pune In Budget”

  1. Hi Gautam,

    It’s a useful post. I am planning to visit Lonar lake on 1st weekend of November. I have few queries:

    1. How long does it take to reach Sultanpur from Jalna Bus Stand?
    2. How long does it take to reach Lonar lake from Sultanpur?
    3. How much time (on an average) if sufficient to explore the lake and surroundings?
    4. Are the autos readily available between Sultanpur and Lonar village?

    All my queries are related to duration only as I intend to head to Nanded after my visit to Lonar. One train is at 2.20 pm and next is at 7 pm. I am wondering which one should I book seats for. As I would be booking a room at Nanded Gurudwara accordingly.

    • Ans1.Time during my travel was 140min, bcoz the road was under construction, but usually it takes 100min.

      Ans2.20 to 30 min by sharing jeep.

      Ans3.The whole lonar lake to explore would take 3 to 4 hours, but if you just roam on the outer circle you can wrap up in 2 hrs.

      Ans4.yes, as soon as you get down at sultanpur the jeep is ready to go lonar, just ask how much he would charge before hooping in.

      You should opt for the 7pm train.

      Hope you got all yoir answer. For more updates of my travel and trek stay tuned to http://www.facebook.com/trekraw

  2. Aurangabad to Lonar & Jalna to Lonar both Buses (ST’s) are available. First do Enquiry in aurangabad Cidco bus stop and in jalna bus stop for Lonar.
    Prefer that.

    • The hostel name is Youth hostel. the location is in Aurangabad near baba petrol pump. The cost is from 100 to 200 rs per Bed.


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