An Essential Guide to Reach Devkund Waterfall for First Timer

Introduction of the Plan :

Updated 17 nov 2017. A trip starts with a small step, one needs to get out from the comfort zone. I have an urge to visit places where one gets to enjoy the crazies waterfall which seems to be different from other, so myself with four other friends we head towards a village called Bhira near Patnas in Tamini ghats here in this village you get to see Tata hydro power plant.

devkund waterfall trekraw.com

How to reach Base village of Devkund waterfall:

From Mumbai to devkund waterfall:

Reach Khopoli by train > Khopoli to Pali ( public bus ) > Pali to bhira (public bus )

How I went to Devkund waterfall:

Catched the Train which starts from CST at 06:10 and reaches Karjat by 08:00, then hooped into the train to Khopoli timed 08:14 from Karjat and then reached Khopoli by 08:40am, Walked till the Bus stop(highway basically) which is 15 minutes  walk, got 09 am bus to Pali. From Pali hooped into a bus to Bhira at 10:15 am (If you miss 10:15 opt for Sharing auto because next bus is at 01:45)

Bus timetable at Pali

By car > Karjat – Khopoli – Pali – Bhira (Tata hypro power plant)

From Pune:

Reach Karjat by train > Karjat to Khopoli (train) > Khopoli to Pali ( public bus ) > Pali to bhira (public bus )

By Car > Swargate > Katraj > Taminighat > Patnus > Bhira (Tata hypro power plant)

TIPS/HACKS/SUGGESTION: Convenient Backpack For One Day Trek

Route to Devkund waterfall from Bhira Village:

The route from Bhira village to Devkund waterfall is about 2 hrs trekking and the route is little difficult to get directions. Because of some incidents in the past(Monsoon season) it is compulsory to take localite with you has a guide ( Charges Rs. 100 per person).

Map for devkund waterfall

I have placed the images of the route which will help you guys will trekking to this point.

Starting point from base village.

starting point to Devkund waterfall

you need to walk through the backwater of the dam as shown in the satellite image so in the way will get some marking on stones which are slowly fading away.

first water stream to cross huts to watch on the route

after crossing the huts a points comes where you need to take a right turn after which you see one more small river.

second water stream at devkund waterfall

crossing all rivers you will head towards a uphill climb through a forest and huge trees its approx 20 minutes walk in the forest and you need to walk towards a river stream on the right side. Please check out the identification provided in the images.

last identification mark

voila!! You have reached your destination.

myself at devkund waterfall

So to sum up the cost of this trek:

Train= CST – Khopoli (return)= Rs. 60

Bus= Khopoli – Pali (return)=Rs. 102

Bus= Pali – Bhira Village (Return ) =Rs.40

Total expenditure=Rs. 202.

Guide Cost(A localite) = Rs.100 ( when I went it wasn’t compulsory)

So now your expense would be Rs.300 for the whole trek.

Just carry your lunch and snacks with you. If you have any queries , please feel free to contact me. I am just like you – A traveler seeking thrill by discovering new places amazing adventures!.

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For more information feel free to connect with me. If any queries please ask. Please comment your suggestions.

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51 thoughts on “An Essential Guide to Reach Devkund Waterfall for First Timer”

  1. Let us know when you will be planning the trek on moon. As we are very much aware about trekking madness. I think there is no space left for trekking on earth as my request please let us know when to plan and what will be the charges for the same.

  2. I would like to personally thank Gautam for inspiring & guiding me to go on this trek solo. Not only his blog helped me to plan my trip, as a genuine travelmate he has even guided me in detail to set up the itineraries correct. In a way, I owe you one man!
    As I’ve tried to summarise my experience in a lame attempt, you may read that here:

    Lastly, not only I wish Gautam all the very best to explore more & more amazing places, also I would be more than happy to be a part of some among them. Keep showing us the path towards awesomeness.

  3. If we plan an overnight trip are there any places to stay and also how’s August month for this trek?? We are a couple

    • If you go Overnight than you can carry your own tent and stay near the bhira village. Yeah August will be good time to go.

  4. How much time will it take from Mumbai to exact location and can you please share guide contact details? Is it necessary to have a guide or can we scout ourselves?

  5. I am planning this trekking with my friends on 1july. Thanks for the details. Are there any local guides available and what if I am taking bus form Mumbai. Can you make my detail plan

  6. गौतम सर,
    खूप छान माहिती पुरवलीत त्याबद्दल मनस्वी आभार.
    तुम्ही कुठे ट्रेक ला जाणार असाल तर त्याबद्दलची माहिती द्याल का?

  7. Hey there!! Me and my friend are planning to go devkund in coming week or two. So is this preferable time to go ? As We are planning to go by bike, is there safe bike parking ? And What are to Must do and must not do things you think for the location ?

    • Before starting the trek please consult the local village people their. Yes your bike would be safe there. Avoid the waterfall if its raining heavily. Carry enough food and water with you.
      Have a safe hike.

  8. hi gautam thanks to sharing information waterfall, please can u provide information about devkhud waterfall i have planing to 22 july 2018 so this suitable time to enjoy this place and what is available like food and stay in one day.

    • Yes Food and Stay is available with the locals. Please talk with the villagers before starting the trek regarding the trail.

  9. Hi,
    u haven’t mentioned anything about return journey. Could you please tell about return journey to Mumbai like same route have to be followed (Bhira – pali – Khopoli) or any other alternative. Please tell the bus timings as well if possible .

    Thanks and it is really a good blog…cheers.

    • Hey Piyush,
      Yes returning back you have to opt for the same route. And the bus timing photo is in the blog itself you need to see the right side of the bus timing its for the down journey.
      Thank you very much for appreciation.

  10. Hieee gautam amazing experience u r share plzzz i m going this Sunday plzzz give any track guide num i want to know devkund waterfall track is open

    • As per my information, the site is closed till the month of sept 2018. I have posted about it on my Facebook page also, please follow to get latest updates.

  11. This is one of the posts we used for the planning of our trek to Devkund. I request the author to consider these updates because we almost got stranded at Bhira due to transport problems.

    Firstly, the 6.10 am train from CST reaches Karjat at 8.05, while there is no longer an 8.15am Khopoli train from Karjat, there is one at 8 am (after which its directly at 9.15). So if you wish to catch the 8 am train you’ll have to take the 5.20 am slow CST-Karjat train which reaches Karjat at 7.40 (this is what we did)

    Secondly, the Khopoli to Pali ST bus no way reaches Pali before 10.15. We took it yesterday and it reached at 10.50 taking almost 2 hours (we didn’t encounter any traffic). Since there is no bus until 1.15 for Bhira, you have to take an auto, the distance is around 25kms and takes around 1 hour.

    Now at Bhira, PLEASE make sure to take a guide with you. The trek is NOT easy for someone who is little to not at all active. In some parts there were no trails and only boulders to climb. For those who are active, it might even take less than 2 hours but you will need a guide anyhow. A big group got lost while we were there and had to come back down to take a guide with them.

    At the time we went (11 Aug 18), the trek was actually closed but guides were willingly available and a few people were visiting the waterfall. Don’t expect to be
    able to swim because the water waterfall was roaring. You may enjoy streams at a corner or just the mist but there is definitely no swimming during this weather. Some paths that we used while climbing had sunk from the rain and we had to take some other difficult paths on the way down

    Since we were just two people, the scariest part was finding a way back to Khopoli. So if you’re thinking of going solo or with a group of even three please be aware if you’re not using a car to get there. Come back a little too late and you’ll find no ST buses ply back to Pali. Also, there is no accommodation at Bhira.

    People at Pali warned us to not come back since ST buses don’t ply at all in the evening. I don’t know how the author made it to Khopoli or how early but we were already tired from the 5 hours it took for us to reach Bhira itself and thinking of using the same route back seemed like a headache not to mention that there wasn’t a way back.

    We are fairly active and found the trek easy but the second group our guide was guiding needed frequent breaks so this added to the delay in our schedule and we reached down at around 5.30 by when there was no ST. The guide had recommended us to go to Kolad and get a bus but we almost got stranded as even the shared Trax that travelled there was charging for the whole vehicle (Rs 750) since there was no one else.

    All the local people we met were really kind, friendly and extremely helpful. Fortunately, a visiting local couple gave us a lift in their car after they came to know that we had no way to get out of there. Otherwise we would have had to shell out for the trax if the driver ever came back at all.

    All our hopes of being able to catch any trains to Mumbai from any station were dashed when we were told there are no local trains at this time. It was around
    6.30 by then so the couple dropped us at Kolad. You can choose to find an accommodation here. We were travelling on a budget so we didnt want to. We were told to get any ST that goes for Mumbai now lest we don’t get one at all. Apparently STs ply for Borivali, Bombay Central, Panvel etc. We got one for BCT at around 7.10 since we were dropped right on time.

    Many things had to work out for us to make it back in one day. So please, if you are travelling solo or in a small group and wish to do just one day trek, be very time cautious and especially about the transport. The view was truly worth it. It was beautiful and an added bonus would be to be able to swim so plan for that if it’s something you wish to do up there. People were really friendly. If you would like lunch, let your guide know and they can prepare homemade food for when you’re back. Schedule it at your own risk though. Finally, the ST from Kolad to BCT took 5 hours, the roads were extremely bad up to Panvel.

    ALl the best!!

  12. Khup chan experience share kela ahes mitra …..amhi next month janar ahot….. Pawsalyanantar pan guide compulsory ghyawa lagto ka…..bcos… Oct made paus samplela asto….

  13. It’s an average trek where you have to walk for 4.5 km. The site is scenic and trekking is not tiring since it’s a good scenic forest and lakes on the way. You have to pay Rs 50 for guide and currently locals are not allowing visitors without guides. You will be able to swim in waterfall however now rope has tied in waterfall where visitors are not allowed to cross this after recent accidents. Our visited information here: https://youtu.be/za3Nw0KjV9M


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