Guide To Trek Asherigad Fort From Mumbai


Trek to Asherigad Fort From Mumbai by Public Transport Asherigad Fort Information: Asherigad Fort was built by the Bhojraja of Shilahara dynasty. This fort was captured by Bimb Raja of Mahim (Palghar)from Kolis. This fort is about 800years old. It was ruled by Gujrat Sultanate. The Portuguese captain of Bassein, Antonio Moniz Barreto annexed the Asherigad in … Read more

Trek to Tandulwadi Fort in Saphale under Rs. 100

tandulwadi fort top view

Information of Tandulwadi Fort: The base village of  Tandulwadi Fort is  Tandulwadi a small Warli tribal village situated near Lalthane village in Palghar district The height of the fort is about 1524 feet it is said that the fort is 800 years old and was used as reconnoitre fort to keep a watch on neighbouring forts and the Arabian … Read more

Complete information and experience on Visapur fort trek.

किल्ले विसापूर (Visapur fort): जुलै महिना म्हणजे पर्यटक, गिर्यारोहक यांच्यासाठी मेजवानीच! जून महिन्यात पहिला पाऊस झाला, मातीचा सुगंध वातावरणात दरवळू लागला की मग हळू-हळू नित्यानेच पावसाच्या सरी सर्वत्र कोसळू लागतात, दऱ्याखोऱ्या हिरवळीच्या गालीच्यांनी नटू लागतात; मोठ्या मोठ्या  वृक्षांनाही नव्या पालव्या फुटू लागतात आणि अशाच मोहक वातावरणात निसर्गप्रेमींची पावले सह्याद्रीच्या डोंगर दार्यांकडे वळू लागतात! सह्याद्री पर्वत म्हणलं की तिथे … Read more

An Essential Guide to Reach Devkund Waterfall for First Timer

myself at devkund waterfall

Introduction of the Plan : Updated 17 nov 2017. A trip starts with a small step, one needs to get out from the comfort zone. I have an urge to visit places where one gets to enjoy the crazies waterfall which seems to be different from other, so myself with four other friends we head … Read more