Trek to Tandulwadi Fort in Saphale under Rs. 100

tandulwadi fort top view

Information of Tandulwadi Fort: The base village of  Tandulwadi Fort is  Tandulwadi a small Warli tribal village situated near Lalthane village in Palghar district The height of the fort is about 1524 feet it is said that the fort is 800 years old and was used as reconnoitre fort to keep a watch on neighbouring forts and the Arabian … Read more

Complete information and experience on Visapur fort trek.

किल्ले विसापूर (Visapur fort): जुलै महिना म्हणजे पर्यटक, गिर्यारोहक यांच्यासाठी मेजवानीच! जून महिन्यात पहिला पाऊस झाला, मातीचा सुगंध वातावरणात दरवळू लागला की मग हळू-हळू नित्यानेच पावसाच्या सरी सर्वत्र कोसळू लागतात, दऱ्याखोऱ्या हिरवळीच्या गालीच्यांनी नटू लागतात; मोठ्या मोठ्या  वृक्षांनाही नव्या पालव्या फुटू लागतात आणि अशाच मोहक वातावरणात निसर्गप्रेमींची पावले सह्याद्रीच्या डोंगर दार्यांकडे वळू लागतात! सह्याद्री पर्वत म्हणलं की तिथे … Read more

Lonar Lake From Mumbai And Pune In Budget

Lonar lake near aurangabad

Mumbai to Lonar lake by public transport: I started my journey from Dadar by boarding the Devagiri express 17057 at 21:10 to destination Jalna ticket was Rs. 140 in general compartment, thankfully i got a place to sit because Dadar is the source station of the train. I reached jalna by 05:30 from were the … Read more

How To Visit Ajanta Caves From Mumbai And Pune In Budget.

Ajanta caves trekraw budget

Best and Economical way to visit Ajanta Caves is By Public Transport Information about The Ajanta Caves: For a thousand years, Ajanta lay buried in the jungle-clad slopes of the western mountain range, until in 1819 it was discovered accidentally. The isolated scrap of the horseshoe-shaped rock rising over a ravine to a steep height … Read more

Ellora caves from Mumbai and Pune In Budget

Kailasha temple at ellora caves

Best Way to Reach Ellora Caves From Mumbai and Pune Information about The Ellora caves: Ellora Caves are twenty-eight kilometres from Aurangabad. The road passes by the base of the Daultabad fort. The cave temples of Ellora, are the product of three religious systems-Buddhism, Brahmanism and Jainism containing elaborate carvings of gods and goddesses and remarkable … Read more